When our client with a life-long passion for Jean Paul Ingres' iconic masterwork La Grand Odalisque found her new home, she knew she’d also found an ideal spot for an over-scale re-creation of the work. For Warnock Studios, the commission presented some unusual challenges.

  • The designated wall was curved, precluding the use of a frame or any other approach that would require a flat surface.
  • The space was quite small making it impossible to view the work from a distance.
  • The aspect ratio of the wall, which was square, was not well-suited to the aspect ratio of the original painting.

To address these issues we proposed a trompe l'oeil version of the painting, including the frame, on a canvas that would cover the entire curved wall. The painting would be over-scale, yet painted in such detail that it that it could be viewed at very close range. Finally, as a trompe l'oeil version of the painting, we proposed adding the illusion of fabric breaking out of the painting in front of the frame both above and below the piece to better fill the square wall space. The result was Ode to Odalisque.

zoom_inOde to Odalisque - You can see the entire work and "zoom in" anywhere on it to see extreme close-up views by clicking here.
Ode to Odalisque is now available as a museum-quality giclee custom-sized and printed on canvas. Click here to inquire.
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