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When building their new home in the woods our clients wanted to protect the natural environment surrounding it. They began by instructing the builder to disturb only what was absolutely necessary during construction. Their designer set out to ”bring the outdoors inside” as a fundamental part of his design.

Under his direction our contribution included the development of several wall finishes inspired by various tree barks, and the application of a leaf pattern overlay in fall colors on glazed walls in the Master Bath.

We applied subtle stains and a natural limewax finish to the oak trim used throughout most of the home and a matching faux boisto the trim where stain-grade wood had not been used.

For the Dining Room we created a complex series of layers beginning with a broken color glaze in muted earth tones. Next we added a “hint” of a classic William Morris pattern so subtly applied as to be barely visible. Finally we hand painted silhouettes of the trees and plants one sees when looking out the Dining Room windows.
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