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Located in the heart of Washington’s embassy row area, our clients totally re-modeled this 15,000 square foot home to make it suitable for entertaining on a grand scale. Aware that their choice of formal late Georgian-style architecture for such a large home could easily end up looking “over the top,” our clients’ directive was to create an atmosphere of elegance without appearing ostentatious.

With this in mind, designer Arlene Critzos selected a classic stria for the grand entrance, hallways, and dining room. She specified light earth tones in the grand entrance and a low-contrast application that would complement rather than compete with the artwork and furnishings in the space. We used gold leaf in the ceiling dome and on the capitals, but applied very sparingly.

The stria in the dining room is a light pastel blue. Trompe l’oeil panel moldings painted in grisaille above and below the chair rail add interest but not complexity or clutter. A focal point in the dining room is our 14’ x 21’ ceiling mural inspired by a photo of a ceiling the clients admired in an 18th century Italian villa.

In the living room we applied a multi-layered damask pattern with hints of metallic gold over a jewel-toned red broken color background.

Another notable and unusual aspect to this project is the less-formal breakfast room where we created the look of hand-painted Delft tiles from floor to ceiling on all four walls.
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