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Nestled in the wooded hills of Bath county is The Homestead Preserve, a private community on the property of The Homestead resort. Among the first homes built, this Jeffersonian-style residence served as a Southern Accents Showhouse and doubled as a showcase for the new development.

The goal of interior designer Barry Dixon was to reflect and celebrate the natural beauty of the Virginia countryside surrounding the home while remaining faithful to the Jeffersonian bones of the structure.

Our murals on the walls of the front entry, staircase and upper-level halls are of animals native to the area hand-painted in a stylized faux limestone bas-relief.

In the Master Bedroom Suite the hand-painted walls of the bedroom are inspired by views of the old-growth forest outside as seen in the early morning mists at sunrise. A less ethereal variation of the same scene covers the walls of the master bath and dressing rooms.

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