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Much of the work we do is intentionally subtle, intended to support other elements of the designer’s vision and serve as a backdrop for works of art or other focal points in the space. Not this time. With clients who enjoy living with rich colors and a designer who understands and appreciates their taste, we were presented with an opportunity to create dramatic finishes in striking colors that would enhance the home’s Moorish architecture and stand up to the other strong elements of its overall design.

The Entry sets the tone with walls glazed in over-scale horizontal stripes of burnt-orange and curry. The same deep orange is used alone on both the walls and ceilings of the adjacent Music Room and Dining Room.

Curry is the dominant color in a complex “de-constructed” finish we applied to walls and ceilings in the central core of the home including the main stairwell which is capped by a ceiling dome containing plaster beams that we painted as old wood with heavy iron straps.

The curry glaze used in the foyer was repeated without the burnt orange on the kitchen and breakfast room walls.

The one exception to the use of strong colors was the Master Bedroom Suite where the designer’s choice was a tranquil celadon Venetian plaster for both walls and ceilings.

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