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Our contributions to this home on the Chesapeake Bay range from trompe l’oeil architectural elements painted in grisaille on the walls, floors and ceilings in the formal areas to more casual French-country farm scenes and a hand-painted stone path that “morphs” into a regular wood floor as it leaves the whimsical back hallway. On the path we added a realistically-painted bird’s nest next to a pair of the owner’s old shoes. The hens, chicks and rooster in the farm pasture painted on the walls resemble the birds the owners now raise on the property.

The background wall glazes in most areas, some “aged” with patterns of hairline cracks, contribute to a feeling of structural strength and stability that cannot be achieved with a fresh coat of paint or with wallpaper.

On the lower level we painted an over-scale antique parchment map of the owner’s favorite part of the Chesapeake Bay on the ceiling above the billiard table and an inlaid marquetry design on the floor at the entrance to the Wine Cellar.

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