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This three story, twenty-one room oceanfront beach house with marble floors is not exactly typical of the homes where it was built about twenty years ago. When it came time to paint the new house, our client had three criteria: the work had to be completed quickly, the finishes had to stand up to the pounding they would receive from the salt air and frequent ocean storms, and the cost to do the work had to be relatively modest.

The client’s designer was not particularly pleased with the initial solution proposed by the owner, which was the use of a commercial finish that could be applied with spray guns in less than 10 days. Somehow it just didn’t wasn’t compatible with the look and feel of a sunny Italian Villa complete with Pompeian artifacts that the designer was planning.

After a bit of experimentation, we developed a new limestone finish that could be applied, quickly and relatively inexpensively. The cost was quite a bit higher than the spray-on finish and, because 20 years ago Warnock Studios had just three Artists, we estimated it would take twice as long to complete the entire twenty-one room house, but durability was never an issue. The oil-based glazes we use stand up to almost anything the surface they are applied to can tolerate. When the client saw our samples, he decided our approach would be worth the extra time and expense.

We actually painted all the walls, ceilings and trim in twenty of the twenty-one rooms (the laundry room was the lone exception) using several different earth tone hues and a variety of sizes for the faux limestone blocks. In a few rooms we applied the same finish without breaking up the walls as blocks.

The project was completed on time and on budget. Our client was so please he invited us back to paint a mosaic mural of Poseidon on the dining room wall. As for durability, we have returned to repair our work on a few walls that were replaced due to hurricane damage. However, our finish still retains its original appearance everywhere else while, according to our client’s housekeeper of 20 years, other homes in the area have typically required repainting every three to five years as a result of the punishment they’ve received from Mother Nature.
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